Cotton Gathered Party Frock For Girls with The Foolish Lion & The Clever Rabbit Print

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Girls printed gathered party wear frock

Story in this print



Once upon a time...

there was a lion in a jungle who killed a large number of animals in the forest. To prevent the lion from killing other animals at will, the animals collectively called a conference one day, and they agreed to send an animal to the lion every day as his food. The lion quickly accepted this proposal after it was conveyed to him. 

One day, it was a rabbit’s turn. The rabbit was clever and devised a strategy to kill the lion. He arrived at the lion somewhat late. ‘Why are you so late? I’m starving’, the lion roared when he saw the rabbit. The rabbit told him that he was coming with his friends but was stopped by another lion.

The lion got furious upon learning this. He asked the rabbit to take him where the other lion was. So, as per plan, the rabbit took him to a well and told him to see inside the well. When the lion saw inside the well, he saw his own reflection and misjudged it as the other lion. He then jumped inside the well to kill him and soon realized that he was stuck in the well, unable to get out.


Moral: Wit is superior to brute force!


Product Info

  • Our Material: 100% Fine Cotton
  • Our Prints: Hand-printed
  • Our Love: Eternal
  • A slight variation in print/weave/color is inherent to handmade products. This is perfectly normal!
  • Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen's resolution and settings.

Wash Care

  • Gentle hand wash or quick cycle machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not soak, wring, scrub or tumble dry.
  • Squeeze gently to strain excess water.
  • Dry in shade.
  • Use a warm iron to get a wrinkle-free garment.

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Must buy for your kids as well as gifting!

Loved the prints, colours and the patterns. The product is so well thought through. The fabric and stitching is also soft and comfortable. The attention to detail is amazing.

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