Cotton Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pajama Set For Boys with Two Silly Goats Print

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Cotton Ethnic Printed Jacket with Plain Kurta & Pajama Set

Story in this print

Two Silly Goats


Once upon a time...

there was a small village near the town. The village was filled with loads of people and animals. There were two silly goats who lived in the same village. A beautiful river flowed through this village. There was a narrow bridge across the river. Whosoever wanted to pass the river had to go through that narrow bridge.

One day, the two goats were at the two ends of the bridge. They both wanted to cross the bridge through the narrow bridge. But, only one goat could cross the bridge at a time.

Unfortunately, the two foolish goats were very stupid as well as proud. Each of them wanted to cross the bridge first. They started crossing the bridge from the two ends at the same time.

The two goats met in the middle of the  bridge. There was no place for them to cross each other. The silly goats started pushing and fighting with each other. The bridge was very small and there was very less space. So, the two goats fell from the bridge. As a result, they fell into the river and drowned.

Moral: Act wisely and do not lose temper in adverse conditions!



Product Info

  • Our Material: 100% Fine Cotton
  • Our Prints: Hand-printed
  • Our Love: Eternal
  • A slight variation in print/weave/color is inherent to handmade products. This is perfectly normal!
  • Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen's resolution and settings.

Wash Care

  • Gentle hand wash or quick cycle machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not soak, wring, scrub or tumble dry.
  • Squeeze gently to strain excess water.
  • Dry in shade.
  • Use a warm iron to get a wrinkle-free garment.

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